Frequently Asked Questions


I have been involved in a car accident?
After you are involved in a car accident, the first thing to do is to call the police and insist upon a traffic crash report. If, due to inclement weather, the police are not responding to motor vehicle accident, you should go to your local police department and report the accident as soon as you can. Thereafter, you should contact legal counsel to make certain that your rights are properly represented and your claim is fairly settled.

I am being discriminated, harassed and/or retaliated on my job?
Harassment, discrimination and/or retaliation of any type is unlawful and you should report it to your human resources department immediately. Next, you should seek out professional legal counsel who is versed in employment law to represent you and can take steps to protect you from any further harassment, discrimination and/or retaliation.

I have been injured on the job?
The first thing you should do is to seek medical attention for your injuries. After you have been released from the emergency room and/or urgent care center, you should contact an attorney who has experience practicing in the s pecialized field of workers’ compensation representation. There are laws that protect workers injured on the job and provide certain rights to medical care, wage replacement and other benefits to assist workers.

I have been charged with a crime?
When you have been charged with a crime, it is best to retain legal counsel as soon as you can. It is risky to attempt to represent yourself in a criminal matter as the criminal statutes can be complex. Further, the governmental entity is represented by the prosecuting attorney, and you should be represented by legal counsel as well to ensure a level playing field and the best resolution to your criminal case as possible.

I am considering a dissolution or divorce?
Each domestic relations matter is unique and a qualified attorney can help you sort through the issues related to your situation. It is not wise to compare your situation to someone else’s as there may be different issues that could result in a different resolution. Speaking with a competent family law attorney can help you determine all the issues that should be considered by the domestic relations counsel, ensuring the best settlement for you and your children, if any.

If I think I need a will or other estate documents?
Everyone needs a will and some advanced directives to make sure that the loved ones left behind after death are not struggling to resolve your estate. By signing a will and other estate documents, you make your wishes known prior to your death, thereby relieving your loved ones of grieving while also attempting to ascertain your final wishes. If you have children, a will designating a guardian for your children is essential to make certain that your children are
properly cared for after your death.

If my child is not being treated fairly at school?
There are laws in place to protect children who may have special needs or require accommodations to receive a quality education. Parents faced with schools that fail to provide for children who require accommodations can result in harm to your child. Enlisting the aid of an attorney versed in school law can assure that your child receives all the services that he/she is entitled to in order to ensure a learning environment that will allow your child to achieve the best
success possible.