Mediation Services

When disagreements arise, oftentimes mediation can be the quickest and most cost-effective method to resolve the disputes.  Mediation allows the parties to meet in a neutral forum to discuss and come to agreement on the best possible way to resolve the situation.  Mediation is preferable to litigation for various reasons. Of utmost importance, mediation allows the parties to remain in control of the results.  When either party files suit and litigation ensues, the Courts become the ultimate decider of the situation. Mediation is a less formal method of resolving situations and allows the parties to take away a feeling of ownership and pride in the ultimate resolution.  Also, mediation is less costly than litigation and can produce results quicker than litigation. In the event a resolution to the situation cannot be reached, mediation allows both parties to walk away without relinquishing any rights to litigation or other forms of dispute resolution.  Mediation does not bind you to anything unless both parties are in agreement.

We can provide mediation services to disputing parties, serving as the neutral mediator to assist in the resolution of the situation.  We also can provide representation to clients who are considering mediation. Legal representation in a mediation setting is advantageous to ensure that you are not agreeing to a resolution that might not be in your best interest.  We can assist you to identify issues that may weigh against one resolution or another. We can also provide guidance to you during the mediation process.

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