Personal Injury

When you or a loved one is injured in an automobile accident or other incident caused by the negligence of another, you are entitled to recover damages for medical expenses, lost time from work, loss of companionship/consortium, pain and suffering and other damages.  Many factors are involved in the amount of damages that you can recover and there are things that you must do and certain other things that you should avoid doing in hours and days after the accident. We are committed to obtaining the greatest amount allowable under the law for you as compensation for damages caused by the negligence of others.

Our law firm has more than twenty (20) years of experience handling personal injury claims of all sizes.  We have represented clients in automobile accidents, slip and fall negligence, catastrophic injury situations and other types of negligence claims.

We will provide you with a reasonable and accurate assessment of your claim and work with you to obtain the best possible settlement under the law.

We believe that effective client communication throughout the claims handling process is one of our greatest strengths.  By providing excellent communication and education to our clients, we are able to achieve positive results, all the while educating and empowering our clients in the law.

Our firm covers a wide range of practice areas. Reach out to us for your consultation.