Workers’ Compensation

Representing workers who were injured on the job and helping workers obtain replacement income until such time as they were recovered and could return to work is just one aspect of workers’ compensation representation.

Workers’ compensation claims include more than just the obvious injuries.  Aside from the obvious injury claims that occur while at work, diseases that are contracted as a result of one’s employment, repetitive use injuries and claims for an employer’s violation of safety regulations are claims that are compensable if an employee becomes injured while on the job.  There are various forms of workers’ compensation benefits available to injured workers, including temporary total disability compensation, permanent total disability, wage loss replacement income, lump sum settlements and damages awarded to injured workers when an employer has been found in violation of workplace safety statutes and laws.

We have the same passion and dedication to injured workers as when we began.  We assist workers in the trial portion of workers’ compensation litigation to obtain the benefits to which they are legally entitled.

Employers are very aggressive in limiting the number of claims paid and the amount of settlements on behalf of injured workers.  It makes perfect business sense for an employer to reduce costs and be profitable. While we understand the economics of running a business, we believe the, you, the injured worker is the most important aspect of any workers’ compensation case.  You must have an advocate and a voice and be properly represented after a workplace injury. We are that voice for the injured worker and will work tirelessly to make certain that you receive all the compensation that you are legally entitled to receive. We have been successful in obtaining settlements for our clients after they have been injured because we understand the process and have the respect of many attorneys who represent employers.

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