Estate Planning

Talking about dying can be difficult to some people, but trying to deal with the effects of settling one’s estate after the death of a loved one is much more difficult.  With the proper estate planning documents, loved ones are free to celebrate the live of a loved one who has passed and can grieve and begin the healing process free of the worries that accompany families who have not prepared for one’s eventual death.

Estate planning documents are necessary for everyone, but especially those individuals who have minor children.  We provide basic estate planning documents in the form of durable powers of attorney for health care and durable powers of attorney for financial matters, as well as transfer on death documents, living wills and last wills and testament.  All of these documents are necessary to set out who you would like to make health care, financial and child care decisions for you in the event of an accident or death. Without these documents, families are left to their best judgment, and this can often lead to family disputes and worse.

Proper preparation while you are healthy and can decide who will care for your minor children, who will handle your health care and financial decisions in the event you become incapacitated and other important life decisions will relieve your family of the pain and turmoil that could ensue if you and not prepared.

Talking about death does not have to be fatalistic or pessimistic. Proper estate planning is wise, and will allow your loved ones to celebrate your life and not worry about their future.

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