Employment Law

Employers are bound by law to treat all employees fairly. Women, minorities and disabled workers have many protections under the law; however, when you have been the victim of workplace discrimination or sexual harassment, you may feel as though you are all alone and helpless.  Discrimination and harassment are violations that affect employees in many ways and oftentimes, the process of proving these violations can be daunting. Our practice in this area of the law focuses on identifying the real problems that may lie under the surface.  By identifying the true problems, we are in a much better position to evaluate the merits of a discrimination or harassment claim and offer expert advice on the best possible resolution.

We understand not just the financial impact that workplace discrimination and harassment can have on an affected worker.  We understand the mental, emotional and psychological impact that discrimination and harassment can cause. Most importantly, we know the laws, statutes and cases that apply to workplace discrimination and harassment and will represent you, the client, in court, administrative proceedings and alternate dispute resolutions.

Our law firm represents clients at all phases of the employment dispute process.  Early intervention and record keeping is vital and we will assist you in compiling the necessary information and documents to substantiate your claim of harassment or discrimination.  We also provide mediation and alternative dispute resolution services that can aid in the speedy resolution of the matter through mediation and negotiation. Our representation includes making recommendations for settlement terms, and drafting and reviewing settlement documentation and severance packages, along with other client services.

Our firm covers a wide range of practice areas. Reach out to us for your consultation.